Celebrating Seven Years of PCD

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Our CEO, Laura Sherburn, reflects on the milestones, challenges, and future aspirations as PCD celebrates its 7th birthday.

PCD is 7 years old this month. As we celebrate this milestone, I find myself taking a moment, to reflect on its significance. The number seven has had heightened exposure recently as the number of the Yorkshire rugby legend Rob Burrow, who battled tirelessly in his fight with MND, constantly raising both awareness of the disease and funds to support those affected, before he tragically passed away four and a half years after being diagnosed. His message to us is powerful and unequivocal; “In a world full of adversity, we must still dare to dream”.  

The last seven years have certainly brought their fair share of adversity. COVID, Brexit, the Ukraine war, accelerating climate change….. all massive global, life-changing events. We’ve felt the impacts of these locally, without a doubt. Doncaster has lived through the pandemic, flooding, rising fuel prices, the cost of living crisis; all the while, its characteristic stoicism remaining undiminished. Only fitting then that finally, we were rewarded with city status in 2023; Doncaster had “dared to dream”, and the King came calling!  

Because of Rob, I now associate the number seven with hope. Google also tells me that in numerology, the number 7 is associated with growth, introspection, and transformation. This is spookily appropriate for the stage PCD has reached on its 7th birthday. After its exponential growth since setting up in 2017, PCD’s seventh year has been about taking stock, reviewing the value that PCD adds to its members, and investing in some very new projects that have the potential to transform the offer we are able to make in the years to come. We have built a wonderful team, full of individuals that are passionate about helping practices help their patients, and building resilient, high-quality primary care. We’ve also got a very strong relationship with our health and social care partners in Doncaster, and the collective aspirations for Doncaster Place are high.  Because of this, I dare to dream that PCD can go on for another seven years and more, continuing to make a positive difference, adapting to change and overcoming adversity, with the interests of practices and patients at its heart.  

Happy 7th Birthday PCD.