Health Bus

Health Bus

The Health Bus offers drop-in GP clinics at different sites across Doncaster.

If you have a minor ailment or illness that’s been troubling you and we’re in the neighbourhood, come and see us.  

This is understandably a difficult time for many people with coronavirus cases still in the community. To reduce risk and keep you and our staff safe, we’ll ask you some quick triage questions before coming on to the bus.

Our Health Bus Service makes stops in communities so that everyone, regardless of whether you’re registered with a local GP practice or not, can access high quality healthcare. The Health Bus is staffed by GPs, nurses and other healthcare staff who work locally in Doncaster. 

Where to catch the Health Bus

  • Wednesday 28th February
    09:30-11:30: Doncaster Market
    Town Centre, Doncaster
  • Thursday 29th February
    09:30-11:30: ASDA Denaby
    Hill Top Rd, Conisbrough, Denaby Main, Doncaster DN12 4TJ
    13:30-15:30: Tesco Balby
    Woodfield Plantation, Woodfield Way, Doncaster DN4 8SN
  • Friday 1st March
    09:30-11:30: Kings Chamber
    Selby Rd, Thorne, DN8 4JE
    13:30-15:30: Rossington Miners
    W End Ln, New Rossington, DN11 0DU

Non-urgent advice: Been on the Health Bus?

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