A Day In The Life Of… PCD’s new Service Delivery Manager – Claire Bainbridge!

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Claire Bainbridge recently joined the PCD team as our Service Delivery Manager. In previous roles, Claire managed the operations for PHE on Test and Trace, and also worked supporting the Nightingale Hospital set-up, so has a background in COVID response which indicated to us she was well qualified to support our member practices in Doncaster. In her spare time, Claire loves to cook, socialise and listen to music – she can’t wait to go to the theatre again!

She also has an 11 year old son which means she has to watch and participate in plenty of football, paddle boarding and kayaking. Their top pick for a day out is Alton Towers!

As the Service Delivery Manager the sole purpose of this role is to support the day to day operational management of the services which PCD provide to our member practices, in order to help them manage patient capacity and deliver quality patient care. 

So just what does Claire get up to? A typical day so far, sees her arrive at PCD HQ to collect all equipment and materials needed for the Health Bus, take the assets to the bus and begin to set up. She ensures PPE, sanitiser and essentials are ready for the session. She then undertakes the role of administrator on the Health Bus alongside the GP, asking patients triage questions, taking their details and using the language line where required, to ensure each patient is receiving the correct care. 

At lunchtime , she is off to scope out a potential pop-up vaccination site, looking at what preparation is needed, storage, moving vaccine and supplies, electrics, space for patient flow, infection control and set up for nurses stations and patient monitoring. 

Then in the afternoon, she is on shift as site manager at one of the vaccination sites, overseeing adding of the batches to pinnacle, briefing all staff including marshals, monitoring patient flow, retrieving vaccine securely and much more!