How we celebrated Time to Talk Day!

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As we recently announced, Doncaster Mind is the charity the PCD Team have chosen to support throughout 2022. An amazing charity, made up of a small local team of mental health professionals who understand and recognise the challenges unique to Doncaster.

With this in mind, and the importance of mental health to Primary Care Doncaster not only as an employer but Healthcare provider, we decided to spend our Friday morning team meeting honouring the Time To Talk day, giving our team a chance to get to know each other, talk, laugh and provide a stress free zone where ever possible.

We asked the members of our corporate team, to choose 4 pictures which represent themselves, what they like to do in their spare time, hobbies, etc. and bring them to the meeting to explain the story behind each photo. We learnt so much about each member of the team in a short space of time, but was valued by all!!

We have also celebrated Time To Talk Day this week by introducing our brand new extension service to our Surge Capacity Clinic, featuring Mental Health and Wellbeing session appointments to patients in Doncaster. For more information on this, contact your local GP Surgery.