We Care Into The Future careers event

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Career Event

On Friday, 7th July, we had the fantastic opportunity to participate in the ‘We Care Into The Future’ careers event. This engaging day was organised by Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals, to educate Year 8 students in Doncaster about the various career paths within General Practice, health and social care.

Throughout the day, we interacted with more than 800 children, discussing the purpose of different medical equipment used within a GP surgery and explaining health checks, like testing blood pressure, oxygen levels, and reflexes!

We were joined by general practice staff within Doncaster, Dr. Karen Forshaw, Dr. Kate Mansfield, and Practice Nurse Ellie Simpson, who provided invaluable information about the roles within general practice. They highlighted the crucial contributions of both clinical and non-clinical roles in ensuring the smooth running of general practice.

It was an enriching day for us, but more importantly, it was a chance for the young children to explore and understand the diverse career opportunities in healthcare. We hope to inspire them and look forward to seeing many of them join the field in the future!