Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Since 2017, Primary Care Doncaster (PCD) has stood side by side with local general practice. We collaborate, continually learn new things and teach others, celebrate each others’ successes and delight in collaboration. We power through intense planning sessions, pool our collective brainpower to create innovative patient care, support each other when there’s a deadline, and come back the next day to do it all over again.

PCD is a company limited by shares. Each of Doncaster’s 38 practices are member shareholders, each holding a share worth £1. Each network of practices elects 1 GP director of the company. Our 5 directors constitute the Board of the company, along with the Chief Executive, the Chief Finance Officer, the Chief Nurse, the Head of Business Development, Practice Manager Advisor, and the Local Medical Committee (LMC) Chief Executive Officer, as non-voting Board Members.

Our team is proud to deliver the work we do. Click on the links below to read more about our teams.

Board of Directors

Senior Leadership Team

Laura Sherburn – Chief Executive Officer

I joined PCD at the time of its conception, in June 2017, after working in Doncaster since 2014 within the CCG. Prior to that, I held roles in various NHS Organisations across Yorkshire & Humber, ranging from A&E departments to NHS England. The favourite thing about my job now is the privilege to lead a great team, that are all inspired and motivated by the goal of helping practices help their patients. Best thing about PCD? The can-do culture that we all live and breathe, that reflects the attitude held in general practice too! Fun fact – When I was 19, I met my husband in Torquay, whilst I was down there auditioning for a summer job as hotel vocalist!

Suzanne Hallworth-Manley – Chief Nurse

I joined PCD to support nurses in general practice in their roles and also support clinical work at scale in order to promote quality and sustainability. I am an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and have over 20 years of primary care experience as well as experience in teaching nurses for a long time. The team at PCD drives me as we are forward thinking and innovative in our approach.

Louise Humphries – Head of Finance

I joined PCD a year ago when COVID 19 changed my circumstances, having worked in the private industry in my previous years of my career I felt I wanted to use my skills towards a more meaningful goal. Having volunteered and worked with charities previously I knew I was more suited to non-profit and public sectors. My favourite thing about this role is because it was a new role when I joined, I’ve moulded it and continue to do so as PCD grows and responds to a fast-changing environment, there’s never time to get bored and I love that! The best thing about PCD is the team I work with, I feel part of something very special and meaningful, being part of a team that works so well together. Personally, I am a massive music lover from all genres, and I can’t wait to get back to some live performances!

Kayleigh Wastnage – Head of Business Development

For most people, Primary Care is a mystery. For me, it’s a passion I’ve been chasing for 6 years. Most recently, my work has brought me to Primary Care Doncaster where I’m focused on business growth, improvement, and development. By day, you can find me trying to understand the latest NHS or government jargon or troubleshooting the latest technology barriers. By night, I’m typically unwinding at home with a Disney film or failing at the latest TikTok trend.

Corporate Team

Clinical Directors

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