Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Since 2017, Primary Care Doncaster (PCD) has stood side by side with local general practice. We collaborate, continually learn new things and teach others, celebrate each others’ successes and delight in collaboration. We power through intense planning sessions, pool our collective brainpower to create innovative patient care, support each other when there’s a deadline, and come back the next day to do it all over again.

PCD is a company limited by shares. Each of Doncaster’s 38 practices are member shareholders, each holding a share worth £1. Each network of practices elects 1 GP director of the company. Our 5 directors constitute the Board of the company, along with the Chief Executive, the Chief Finance Officer, the Chief Nurse, the Head of Business Development, Practice Manager Advisor, and the Local Medical Committee (LMC) Chief Executive Officer, as non-voting Board Members.

Our team is proud to deliver the work we do. Click on the links below to read more about our teams.

Dr Stuart McHardy – Independent Chair of the Board

I joined in December 2021 in my current role, having previously been an elected Board Director. I trained and live locally and have been a GP in Doncaster since 2017. My role allows me to engage with people at all levels of the regional health system. I love the overall positivity of PCD’s team and their desire to assist primary care to be the best it can be.

Dr Rebecca Brown – Director (North)

I’m a GP Partner who works 6 sessions a week and look after my two children on my days away from the practice or when I’m not working for PCD. I joined PCD in July 2020 as I wanted to gain experience and insight into primary care outside the surgery room and aim to help make a difference to the wider population of Doncaster not just the patient in front of me. I enjoy working closely with the other directors and board members and enjoy insights in to how other practices/ networks and individuals work helping my personal development.

Dr Andrew Oakford – Director (East)

I’ve been a Board Member of PCD since June 2020- what a time to start a new post! Some of you will know me from my past iterations as NHS-Doncaster Board Member, Target Tutor etc. I aim to make a difference, to improve both the lives of our population but also ourselves and our staff in practices. I come to value the (sometimes brutal) honesty of my colleagues at PCD but also the support they offer. What you might not know about me is I’m originally a Yeller-Belly, born within earshot of Great Tom.

Dr Davinder Singh – Director (Central)

Dr Jenny Collins – Director (South)

Dr Simon Park – Director (4Doncaster)

I have worked as a GP in Doncaster for over a decade and have taken on the role as a Director of PCD representing the 4 Doncaster Network. I really do enjoy being a GP and want to share my enthusiasm for primary care with PCD and the wider community.

Rose Fells – Practice Manager Advisor

I joined PCD in January 2021 following the Board restructure as I am passionate about the Practice Manager perspective being represented. I have been a Practice Manager (Partner) for 22 years. I am still very new to the team and am enjoying getting to know everyone and how PCD works and look forward to developing my role in the future.

Laura Sherburn – Chief Executive Officer

I joined PCD at the time of its conception, in June 2017, after working in Doncaster since 2014 within the CCG. Prior to that, I held roles in various NHS Organisations across Yorkshire & Humber, ranging from A&E departments to NHS England. The favourite thing about my job now is the privilege to lead a great team, that are all inspired and motivated by the goal of helping practices help their patients. Best thing about PCD? The can-do culture that we all live and breathe, that reflects the attitude held in general practice too! Fun fact – When I was 19, I met my husband in Torquay, whilst I was down there auditioning for a summer job as hotel vocalist!

Suzanne Hallworth-Manley – Chief Nurse

I joined PCD to support nurses in general practice in their roles and also support clinical work at scale in order to promote quality and sustainability. I am an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and have over 20 years of primary care experience as well as experience in teaching nurses for a long time. The team at PCD drives me as we are forward thinking and innovative in our approach.

Louise Humphries – Head of Finance

I joined PCD a year ago when COVID 19 changed my circumstances, having worked in the private industry in my previous years of my career I felt I wanted to use my skills towards a more meaningful goal. Having volunteered and worked with charities previously I knew I was more suited to non-profit and public sectors. My favourite thing about this role is because it was a new role when I joined, I’ve moulded it and continue to do so as PCD grows and responds to a fast-changing environment, there’s never time to get bored and I love that! The best thing about PCD is the team I work with, I feel part of something very special and meaningful, being part of a team that works so well together. Personally, I am a massive music lover from all genres, and I can’t wait to get back to some live performances!

Kayleigh Wastnage – Head of Business Development

For most people, Primary Care is a mystery. For me, it’s a passion I’ve been chasing for 6 years. Most recently, my work has brought me to Primary Care Doncaster where I’m focused on business growth, improvement, and development. By day, you can find me trying to understand the latest NHS or government jargon or troubleshooting the latest technology barriers. By night, I’m typically unwinding at home with a Disney film or failing at the latest TikTok trend.

Cheryl Gowland – Primary Care Network Coordinator (East)

I joined PCD in March 2019 originally on a secondment from RDaSH.  I was ready for a new challenge and I definitely got it!!  At RDaSH I was Patient and Public Engagement and Experience Lead, a job I loved but a role I had worked in (in one way or another) for many years and I wanted to see what else I was capable of.  The best part of my role is that I never know what new challenges each day brings.  No 2 days are the same, which is how I like it!  PCD as a Team are amazing – it’s true when we call it our ‘work family’ – we constantly look out for one another and step into support one another without a single moment’s hesitancy.   Not so much fun, but funny, one of my traits is to use the wrong words in the wrong circumstances.  The first time I met my father-in-law I used the word ‘orgasmic’  in the completely wrong context …. eek!

Kristen Rawson – Strategic Workforce Officer

I joined PCD in September 2020, having previously worked as a GP Practice Manager and a School Manager. My favourite part of the role is supporting people and the practices. The best thing about working for PCD is the work family! An interesting fact about me… My ancestors owned the Titanic!

Beth Hollis – Communications and Events Officer

I joined PCD in May 2021, having previously worked within the Dental Industry as a Marketing & Events Executive. I joined PCD as a new challenge, this forward thinking innovative company is just what I needed. Plus along the way I get to make awareness of all the amazing things PCD are doing to help general practices around Doncaster to deliver the best quality patient care! My favourite part of the role is organising TARGET and all the amazing events we have upcoming! All the team are fab, they make it such a lovely, welcoming place to work!

Moyra Rusere – Contracts Manager

I joined PCD in February 2021 as I loved the work PCD was doing and their vison for the future, I wanted to bring my skillset and be part of it. My background has included working for charities and private organisations in legal roles. One thing I love about PCD is how welcoming and friendly the team is. Fun fact about me I managed to climb Mount Snowden despite not having a great love of the outdoors.

Beth Rowlands – HR Officer

I joined PCD in April 2020, having previously worked in NHS Trusts in Nottingham and Lincolnshire. My role is a varied one, covering all aspects of HR and the best part is supporting people. PCD are more than a just a workplace, the team are a family and it’s amazing to be part of it! Outside of work I enjoy cocktails and crime dramas!

David Hallgate – Financer Officer

Joined PCD April 2018 from working with RDASH covering a secondment post I have previously worked for British Coal/Doncaster college/Rotherham Council work covering all aspect of Finance   The best thing about working for PCD are the staff and the support they have always shown me. I have worked for over 40 years and this is the best team I have worked in the role is very interesting and work varied as well as being busy.
Outside work I am a big family man and love being with my Grandchildren and as I always say they are “The gift that keeps on giving….and at the end of the day can be given back”. My hobbies include walking, bowling and live music/theatre

Nicola Merricks – Quality and Governance Officer

“But what if I fall?, oh my darling but what if you fly?!”

This quote sums up the most incredibly supportive and inspirational bunch of people that I am proud to call team members.
I joined Primary Care Doncaster in 2018 as a Quality & Governance Officer.
I am passionate about reducing health inequalities and driving quality improvement to ensure staff are supported to deliver sustainable, safe and effective care. 
Outside of work I love the theatre, reading and being outdoors. I also like to think I would make a great detective and love a true crime documentary!

Jessica Kelwick – Business Intelligence Analyst

I joined PCD this week, after looking for a new challenge! I joined PCD from South Yorkshire Police, where I worked within analysis for five years. Although new to this role, my favourite thing about analytics is being able to provide an evidence base for decision makers, bringing about change and progression.

Claire Bainbridge – Service Delivery Manager

I joined the PCD team back in June 2021. My previous role operations manager for PHE on test and trace. My son is my whole world and he is my mini me! Which means I have to watch and participate in a lot of football, paddle boarding and kayaking. Our top pick for a day out it Alton towers! I really love food, music and socialising, I can’t wait to go to the theatre again! I love to cook (not bake) I enjoy running, but that’s more to burn off the love of wine and the cooking!!

Emily Tideswell – Service Delivery Support Officer

“After realising I needed so much more from my career I stumbled upon my position at PCD. Having only occupational health related experience, I was unsure as to whether it was the right decision/fit for me… Yet after only two weeks here, I can definitely say, it couldn’t be more perfect.

I am very passionate about the work that PCD carry out, and being able to tell the people around you that you are proud to work where you do says it all. I look forward to getting completely stuck in to supporting all the team in ensuring the smooth running of our services.

The lovely staff here have been extremely welcoming to me, I honestly don’t feel like the ‘new’ staff member, but just a part of an already massively successful team”

Bring on my/the future at PCD!”

Lucy Barker – Finance Assistant

I joined PCD in October 2021 as a new addition and role to the Finance Team! I was made redundant from my previous role, but I was itching for a new challenge. I decided on my new career path in finance after the birth of my youngest child in 2016 and I love it! In my spare time I love spending time with my family (husband and 2 children), drawing, crafts and play video games. Plus I love music!

I’m excited for my new role with PCD, and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Lynda Milner – HR Administrator

I joined PCD as I have always enjoyed working in healthcare and find this both challenging and rewarding, having previously worked in two GP Surgeries in Doncaster and most recently in a forensic psychiatric hospital.  I am looking forward to getting to know getting to know all the PCD staff and becoming a cog in the wheel that helps keep PCD running smoothly.  I have been married for 26 years and in my spare time I play Crown Green Bowls for Brodsworth Bowling Club.  I also enjoy watching football (I support Doncaster Rovers for my sins), watching rugby and reading.  I also enjoy travelling and socialising with family and friends. 

Michael Latibeaudiere – Management Accountant

Joined Primary Care Doncaster in November 2021. I previously worked at a specialist engineering company, in which I out grew after 4 and a half years of service. I wanted a new challenge and that is what lead me to PCD! I am most looking forward to working with Louise to iron out new processes, which will create more efficiency for the Finance team.

I live with my Fiancé and our 2 year old son, so most of my spare time is taken up by spending time with my family. I also love to watch all kinds of sports, and shares a love in rugby as I used to play. I am also a season ticket holder for Doncaster Rovers!

Dawn Skelland-Thornton – Primary Care Network Coordinator (East)

Katherine Phillips – Primary Care Network Coordinator (South)

Tina Hope – Primary Care Network Coordinator (Central)

Dr Kate Mansfield – Central PCN

Dr Suman Thullimalli – East PCN

Dr Khaimraj Singh – South PCN

Dr Mark Boon – South PCN

Dr David Coleman – South PCN

Dr Greg Connor – North PCN

Dr Nick Tupper – 4Doncaster

Dr Alan Shirley – GP Director
Dr Aderonke Adeniji – GP Fellow 
Dr Amanda Barrett – GP Educator 
Dr Robert Eastman – GP Educator
Javidul Islam – Physician Associate Educator
Joseph Henson – MDT Fellow
Johanna White – MDT Fellow
Bridget Manning – Nurse Educator
Heather Jones – Nurse Educator
Sarah Newton – Nurse Educator
Jane Emerson – Nurse Educator
Louise Berwick – Programme Manager
Joanne Mirza – Project Manager
Amy Collins – Project Manager
Liz Legott – Project Manager
Sanodia ‘Sanni’ Khan – Administrator
Melanie Robinson – Administrator

  • Tariro Chitiyo – Physician Associate
  • Farah Khan – Physician Associate
  • Aruba Jahangir – Physician Associate 
  • Katherine Lorriman – Physician Associate 
  • Lydia Rew – Physician Associate
  • Ayesha Mahmood – Physician Associate
  • Louise Patterson – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Rishi Kohli – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Hanya Anjam – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Lynnique Castle – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Kelly Gallagher – Pharmacy Technician 
  • Marie O’Donnell – Pharmacy Technician
  • Sophie McCall – Trainee Nursing Associate
  • Jane Gills – Care Coordinator
  • Debbie Neale – Care Coordinator
  • Emma Nettleton – Care Coordinator
  • Charlotte Stacey – Care Coordinator
  • Simona Babtan – Clinical Pharmacist 
  • Joanna Brown – Clinical Pharmacist 
  • Charlotte Wigglesworth – Clinical Pharmacist 
  • Limin Kexhuvanthanath – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Emily Barber – Care Coordinator
  • Jake Bertie –Clinical Pharmacist
  • Zartaj Bibi –Pharmacy Technician
  • Sandra Nixon – Pharmacy Technician
  • Charley Shaw –Care Coordinator
  • Jose San Roman –Podiatrist
  • Natalie Wilson –Dietitian
  • Ahmad Salha –Physician Associate
  • Saira Nair –Clinical Pharmacist
  • Ye Ling Wan –Clinical Pharmacist
  • Matthew Spencer –Clinical Pharmacist
  • Saira Nair – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Debra Kingston –Pharmacy Technician
  • Sajida Perveen –Physician Associate
  • Katherine Phillips –Care Coordinator
  • Danny Whitelock – Care Coordinator
  • Lauryn Beckett –VTS Nurse
  • Lydia Clements –VTS Nurse
  • Kirsty Wade –VTS Nurse
  • Dr Maryam Abdul – GP
  • Dr Adeniyi Eribake – GP
  • Dr Samuel Ijeh –GP
  • Dr Ifeanyi Nwafor – GP