Happy Contract Day!

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Moyra Rusere

In honour of Contract Day, I get to talk about the biggest part of my role… contracts! We all enter a contract on a daily basis that we don’t even realise.

In my experience, people do not usually tend to find contracts that exciting or pay that much attention to them (until something goes wrong), so it was a pleasant surprise to find that there was a whole day dedicated to contracts.

My role as Contracts Manager at PCD (which includes supporting PCN contracts as well as PCD’s) allows me to be involved in the whole life cycle of a contract – experiencing the negatives and positives of contracting.

By far, my favourite part of my role is building relationships with different stakeholders. I believe that to be an effective Contract Manager, you must be willing to build relationships with stakeholders. One way I believe that this can be achieved is through contract meetings to discuss the contract delivery which will include receiving feedback on how contracts are performing. As I continue to develop processes my goal is to ensure that we have an effective process of getting feedback from both parties.

On the other hand, one of the negative points of my role is that unfortunately, sometimes I become a delay in people’s plans. A part of my role is to draft or review agreements, which unintentionally causes delays, which will make people less inclined to include me in the process. As part of the contract process, the plan is too get involved as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Being part of PCD has meant that I have been introduced into the fascinating world of Primary Care, that I did not even know existed, but the principles of contracting remain the same. My goal is to ensure that my role continues to effectively support the wonderful work we do and perhaps change people’s views that contracts are boring and not important.

So, as we celebrate (although this may be more of muted celebration for most) National Contract Day, try to count how many contracts you enter into today and the result may surprise you!

Moyra Rusere, Contracts Manager