Welcome Zara Head, our new Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement!

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We are pleased to announce and welcome Zara Head as the new Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement at Primary Care Doncaster, this role will sit in our Service Delivery Team, assisting to promote and facilitate improved quality of care, through appropriate systems and processes, training, capacity, and capability. She will work as an expert resource for member practices, advising on national, local policy and guidelines to promote best practice, and work with Doncaster Provider Alliance organisations to consider collective opportunities for quality improvement, including involvement in audit and surveys. Zara will be coming out to talk to member practices as a first priority upon taking up the post, to understand what you need from her role, and she’s very much looking forward to working with you all!

Zara has been a registered nurse for 30 years, 18 of those in various roles in Primary Care. She is a mum of two, with both her children away at university currently. She loves travelling and is fascinated by languages, she spent time in France before returning to the UK to start her nurse training in 1989 and always felt like it was a second home. Zara has also been learning Greek since the early 90s!

Zara describes herself as an eternal optimist who usually loves nothing more than wearing a bright colourful dress and pretty shoes, although she is just as much at home in her uniform.

Zara said “I’m looking forward to working at PCD because the team share my passion for the delivery of the best quality care to our population and my heart is well and truly embedded in Primary Care and also in Doncaster, my home town and the town who’s services helped to raise me. What more could I ask for?”

We can’t wait for Zara to officially join the team at the start of June!