Presenting our yearly funds to Doncaster Mind!

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On Friday 9th December, Primary Care Doncaster presented Doncaster Mind with the total of our yearly funds raised through our charity partnership of 2022.

On the day we were joined by all of the PCD corporate team and members of the Board of Directors, from Doncaster Mind both Laura Arthur, CEO and Ania Jozwiak Mental Health Trainer joined us to accept the ‘big cheque’!

Our total amount raised was £1,577.00, which all of the team are incredibly proud of. We would like to thank everyone who has donated and supported the PCD team to raise this money for a local Doncaster charity that will help Doncaster people.

This money will be used to support Doncaster Mind’s Young People’s Service which started in 2022.  They are looking at developing their services and support for Young People by offering awareness and interventions early on to ensure Young People are able to access mental health services quicker to avoid the issues they are facing becoming deep rooted.  Please see their website if you would like more information about the services and support they offer.