End of Financial Year!

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The end of a financial year on March 31st, and the start of the new one on April 1st, is always a really interesting time in any organisation. It offers a chance to look back and reflect, whilst simultaneously looking forward and planning for the year to come. It can feel a bit manic, as we strive to meet deadlines for both close-down and start-up of projects old and new! Year-end financial positions, coincide with budget forecasts. Reporting on the annual outcomes delivered in existing contracts, sits alongside the agreement of new schemes and work programmes going forward. Valued colleagues take their leave, due to retirement, or pastures new; and new colleagues join to take up new roles.  Winter gives way into spring, the clocks go forward, and a new cycle begins. We at PCD are busy working on behalf of our member practices to maximise the opportunities that this time of year brings, and there are plenty of them! We look forward to presenting the reflections on 2022-2023 at our AGM on 29 June, and celebrating how awesome primary care is, at our Primary Care Celebration Night on 23 June. We will continue to bring you all our endeavours in our blogs, newsletters, and social media posts in the meantime. Happy New (Financial) Year!

Laura Sherburn, CEO