Carers Week 2023

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Carers Week 2023 Doncaster

Jo Cameron, H&SC Integration Programme Lead, PCWTH, reflects on Carers Week 2023 and the ‘Building the Foundations’ event held on the 7th June in Doncaster.

When Primary Care Doncaster asked me why ‘I am so passionate’ about unpaid carers, it felt like an easy answer, WHY wouldn’t I be.  

On reflection, further examination of my response is needed. So here we go…


The general public not currently caring was asked to imagine if they became a carer where they would be most likely to turn to for support, using up to three choices.The top choices were: • Friends and family – 50% • Local council services eg social care – 44% • GP – 41% • Charity or support group – 28%  
We asked the general public not currently caring what their worries would be if they became an unpaid carer.The top three worries were: • impact on physical and mental health – 55% • being able to cope financially – 49% • not having the skills and experience to provide care – 44%.
Research Key Findings:
Carers’ worries have intensified and increased around the negative impact of caring on physical and mental health which is now the top concern compared with five years ago. 4.87 million carers are worrying about the impact of caring on their physical and mental health.3They are now more likely than five years ago to turn to a GP or to their local council for support – even though health and care services are facing huge demand and access challenges. This runs the risk that these services will fall short for people new to caring.
Carers Week 2023


The PCWTH, in partnership with SY ICB, carers, care organisations, Primary Care LA’s and so many more, are undertaking work to support the development of a SY Carers Strategy. The Carers Event ‘Building the Foundations’ 2023, held on the 7th June in Doncaster, provided an opportunity for Christine Joy (Chief Peoples Officer SY ICS), Jo Cameron (H&SC Integration Programme Lead, PCWTH), Campbell McNeill (Leadership Support Manager, NHSE) and Dr Sarah Jones (GP) to share ongoing strategic workforce planning, progress so far and the next steps. Feedback from attendees included ‘You have totally inspired me to support Workforce Unpaid Carers/Best Event I have ever attended/Great event and Thank you for including me’. 


Primary Care is a key focus area of the coming year with plans of ‘bite size’ learning sessions, awareness webinars with a spotlight on SNOMED Coding & Guidance, Carer Contingency Planning & Hospital Discharge Tools, Carers Resource Packs, and the Carers UK digital offer. These resources were all shared at the Carers Event and are free to use for both practitioners and workforce members

The Health Foundation 2023:

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