Primary Care Doncaster Celebrates Sign Language Week

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This week at Primary Care Doncaster, we’re celebrating Sign Language Week, an annual event that sheds light on the significance of British Sign Language (BSL) and Irish Sign Language (ISL) within our communities.

This year’s Sign Language Week, organised by the British Deaf Association, is themed ‘Promoting BSL and ISL as indigenous languages of the UK.’ The initiative aims to foster greater awareness, encourage learning, and preserve these vital forms of communication for future generations.

Our very own Beth Hollis, Communications and Events Officer at Primary Care Doncaster, shared a touching encounter that beautifully illustrates the impact of sign language:

‘One day, I answered the door for a parcel delivery, and when I exchanged a ‘thank you’ to the delivery driver, I didn’t get the response I expected. Instead, it was a thumbs up and pointing to his hear, saying deaf. I responded with a thumbs up and a heavy heart when I closed the door. It was at this point I realised how much I take for granted the use of speech and my hearing. It was from this point onwards I decided to learn small phrases in sign language so that when he came to our door again, I could communicate with him just as I do with other delivery drivers. On the driver’s next arrival to our house, I signed thank you to him for the first time. He left with a huge smile and signed ‘you are welcome’ back to me. Such a small gesture, left him with a big feeling of gratitude and thanks towards me for learning to do that so I could communicate with him.’

Beth’s story shows the importance of Sign Language Week and it reminds us of the barriers that can be broken down with just a few gestures, and how learning BSL can open doors to inclusivity and mutual understanding in our interactions.

Check out the video below of our team celebrating Sign Language Week: