Our Story

As everyone in Doncaster knows, the NHS today is under more pressure than ever before. With an ageing population and pressures on funding, it’s getting harder for GP practices to ensure everyone in the community can access the same level of care. Yet, our diverse communities harbour a host of health problems from smoking-related issues to obesity, so making sure that residents from all walks of life can get the treatment they need when they need it most is paramount. 

That’s where Primary Care Doncaster comes in. We work for your local GP practices, offering services that make gaining access to healthcare more convenient and simple for everyone. To this end, provision of additional access to appointments is a key part of our role, and we also work with our local partner, Rotherham Doncaster & South Humber NHS Trust, to bring medical advice and treatments directly to the community via the Doncaster Health Bus.

Behind the scenes, we give GP practice teams the tools and training to transform and come up with innovative, new ways of delivering patient care, as well as represent the general practice community through ‘one voice’ with other local health and care partners in the system

We aim to become indispensable to general practitioners by helping to shoulder the burden of provision of care and release the pressure that is currently being put on practice teams.
We help our local primary care networks (groups of GP practices serving each neighbourhood) to grow and work together in a way that is both holistic and integrated so that any inequalities can be ironed out and every patient in the Doncaster area can benefit from the very best proactive treatment and care.

We’re incredibly proud to stand side by side with general practices in Doncaster.

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Our Vision & Mission

PCD is here to:

•   support general practices to increase their sustainability and resilience, and deliver high quality patient care;

•   facilitate transformation and innovation in primary care services, influencing and shaping strategy through strong system partnerships; and

•   access opportunities created by national and local policy, for general practice to grow and innovate, and continuously raise standards of care