Our Community Has Spoken and Named of Our New Health Bus!

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VINCENT Van-cough (1920 x 1080 px)

We recently embarked on an exciting journey to find the perfect name for our new Health Bus, and thanks to the vibrant and creative spirit of the Doncaster community, we’ve succeeded!

From the beginning of March, our Health Bus GP clinics will be rolling out in Doncaster on our brand new health bus. We are getting everything ready for the big launch, but we realised there was just one thing missing – a name that reflected our service and dedication to the well-being of Doncaster, so we decided to ask people for their suggestions.

Our call for name suggestions on social media sparked an outpouring of ideas, with community members sharing their inspiration and humour. The engagement was incredible, and we saw firsthand the connection our residents have with the services we provide.

The process was fun and engaging, closely resembling the well-known gritter naming campaign by Doncaster Council, which we used as a template for our own. We opened up the naming process to the public, inviting suggestions and then putting the best ones to a vote in a series of head-to-head matches that we playfully dubbed the Health Bus Naming World Cup.

We received over 90 name suggestions, and after a series of votes, we narrowed it down to two final contenders. The competition was tough, but in the end, one name won the hearts (and votes) of the majority.

We are proud to announce that our Health Bus will now be known as VINCENT VAN-COUGH!

Stay tuned as VINCENT VAN-COUGH rolls out across Doncaster come March, bringing accessible healthcare closer to our residents. We would like to thank Dunsville Medical Centre, who made the suggestion of the winning name, and everyone who participated and made this campaign a resounding success. It’s your continuous support that drives us to innovate and serve you better each day.

If you’d like to learn more about our Health Bus service and stay up to date about its weekly locations, please click here.